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Business Meeting

Our advice and expertise have helped our clients achived some amazing wins. We would like to share a collection of success stories from a range of clients to give you a better idea about how we can help you, your family and business achieve financial success.

Outdoor Business Meeting

Geoff was a high income earner

with three investment properties he was paying off. He asked us to review the tax-effectiveness of his rental properties.

We restructured his investment loans and found additional depreciation items so that he can increase his tax benefits.

Family Trust
Paying at the Store

Karen and Michael were planning to start a small business. They were no sure about the business structure. They approached us to look at the most tax effective way to structure their business. 

We conducted a detailed analysis to understand their business and personal goals and exactly what they wanted their business and personal assets to do for their family

Business Owner
Job Interview

John met us when he was running a busy takeaway shop. He wanted an accountant who could simplify his business finances.

We implemented an automated business invoicing system with real time view of his business cash flow for him. He was able to significantly reduce the time in the day to day business administration.

"LYI have helped us for many years. We have always been impressed by the team’s expertise and understanding of small businesses. They have a personal, proactive approach to guide us with the financial running of our restaurant and they are always available either via telephone or email."

Yan Wu, Restaurant Owner

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